Discover Your DC

Education Innovators @ Mobile Learning Institute (Pearson Foundation + Smithsonian Institution)

In fall 2011 I participated in a workshop of education innovators at the National Postal Museum, which charged participants with the task of coming up with an innovative approach to learning using mobile devices and new media technologies. My concept and final project were based around affiliation-based learning in public spaces—in this case, the neighborhoods of Washington, DC.

The content of the blog consists of user-submitted “itineraries," which are curated sets of activities and experiences designed to help DC locals explore the city and feel connected to their community. Once a month, "excursions” are organized for DYD readers to meet up and complete one of the itineraries. Readers of the blog congregate and connect through commenting on the blog and the associated Facebook and Twitter pages.

I designed the graphics using Adobe InDesign and Illustrator.