Narrative of a Life: The Identities of Yehuda Nir


I was asked to be the exhibit coordinator for this project, which was installed in The George Washington University's Gelman Library. This was a unique experience because the timeline for the exhibition from conception to execution was incredibly short—about ten weeks. I was in charge of overseeing all aspects of the exhibit development process, including creating a model of the exhibit space, compiling an object list, helping draft a script, designing text panels, and mounting and installing the objects in the exhibit space.

While conceptualizing the exhibition I created a 3D model of the exhibit space using Google SketchUp. I created all of the graphics using Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.

This exhibit was created in conjunction with a course on Holocaust memory. The fourteen students enrolled in the course researched material about Yehuda Nir's life, and I instructed them on how to create exhibit-appropriate text panels and labels. The full script for this exhibit can be found HERE.

The full object list for this exhibit can be found HERE.